*** Maitreya Green Horse development project ***


The Grand Maitreya Foundation has created a sub program called “Maitreya’s Green Horse.” This sub project will be responsible for fighting desertification in Mongolia and in other countries. Mongolia is one of the locations that is being the most adversely affected by the changing global climate conditions and desertification now threatens 90% of Mongolia. Maitreya’s Green Horse will plant thousands of trees each year around the Grand Maitreya Complex in a 90 degree angle, spanning out many miles and eventually across borders. This can help to slow down the effects of desertification and can help to mitigate the changes in world climate due to desertification.

The project benefits include:

  • Reduce desertification in Mongolia and other areas of the world.
  • Reduce green house gasses.
  • Rehabilitate mining land.
  • Climate change adaption and mitigation.
  • Create better food security.
  • Creation of new organic agriculture industry for Mongolia.
  • Interconnected economic growth.
  • Creation of renewable energy.

*** Maidar Eco City ***


According to the spirit of Maitreya the city will follow the principles of an ecological urban development – a “City of the Future” in which sustainability, low carbon emission, environmental protection and social harmony are the main objectives for the urban design.