About Maitreya

Many high lamas of the past have taught that the standing Maitreya Bodhisattva’s
footsteps signify the coming of the golden age. Maitreya is the Bodhisattva or
Buddha of Loving  Kindness & of the future. The name Maitreya comes from the
Sanskrit word ‘maitri’ which means loving-kindness. According to ancient
Buddhist teachings, it is said that at a time when the world lacks loving kindness
and morality, anger and jealousy will gain strength, the world will then go through
periods of immense suffering and warfare.

Maitreya’s appearance as a Bodhisattva will then mark a great turning point in the fortune of this world. He will spread the teachings of loving kindness and as a result the fortune of all sentient beings in this world will begin to improve. People will gradually give up their deluded attitudes and harmful behavior and with the practice of loving kindness their lifespan will start to iсncrease. Eventually people will live in good health for such a long time that the sufferings of old age and death will scarcely be know.


photo left side: Thikse Monastery in Ladakh/India – built in 1970
Diskit Monastery in Ladakh/India – built in 2010: photo right side


photo left side: Pakistan – built in the 3rd century
Maitreya in India – building in progress: photo right side

Maitreya is the only Bodhisattva and Buddha recognized in most all of the Buddhist traditions and cultures throughout the world. Building large statues of Maitreya was a tradition of many great lamas of the past. At one time there were several large beautiful Maitreya statues and temples throughout Tibet and Mongolia. Almost all of these statues were destroyed by occupying regimes during the 20th century. Now only a few large Maitreya statues exist in the world.